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Our supply partners
From each corner of the globe, we bring the best.

All growers and suppliers are selected according to such criteria as quality, reliability and professional approach to production and marketing.

Our partners are highest-quality producers, among them are internationally renowned companies, which use state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of food quality and safety; many conduct research and variety development work.

In the Northern Hemisphere our business centers upon France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Spain. In these countries, we have several business partners with whom we have had successful partnerships over many years. We have also started developing partner relations with Greek exporters.

From Eastern European countries we traditionally import apples, berries and vegetables; from the US, California’s grapes.

In Asia and the Pacific region we work with Israeli, Chinese and New Zealand companies; a recent addition to our portfolio of sources has been Turkey and Pakistan. In North Africa fresh produce is sourced from Egypt and Morocco, with citrus fruits and vegetables being the principal import items.

In the Southern Hemisphere we work with South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. The time lag between harvest seasons in these countries and the Northern Hemisphere makes it possible to ensure the all-round supply to Russia of a wide range of citrus, apples, pears and grapes.

All the arriving consignments of fresh fruit and vegetables are inspected to ensure that they meet the ISO standards.

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