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Fruit and vegetable produce is stored in two rented refrigerated warehouses in St. Petersburg. The area of the main facility is 3,370 sq m, which allows Nevskaya Co to store a total of over 3,000 tons of fruit, or about 3,000 pallets. The other facility, which has been completed in 2009, is 2,000 sq m and has a storing capacity of 1,700 tons of fruit (1,700 pallets). All the chambers are equipped with cooling plants; banana ripening systems are installed.

The premises are located in the immediate vicinity of the outbound intercity railways. Our own access railway branch, which is protected by roofing, makes it possible to quickly and efficiently load the arriving produce into refrigerated train cars, preventing it from being exposed to any atmospheric impact.

Among Nevskaya’s most important objectives is building its own class ‘A’ fruit terminal on the 2-hectare site belonging to the company. The site is situated in the industrial zone ‘Shushary’.

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