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Our philosophy

highly professional personnel
The secret of the company’s success is our team. Nevskaya’s managers have a long experience of working in the industry, which allows them to make competent decisions in any situation. All the managers have higher education; those working in the Imports Department speak several foreign languages.

The company pays a lot of attention to training. Refresher courses are held regularly; technical meetings with suppliers are organized. The staff members take part in annual Russian and international exhibitions of food producers and marketeers.

Nevskaya Co maintains the atmosphere of respect and mutual help, and fosters the personal responsibility of each employee for the company’s results.

reliable partners
One of the key factors in our business is strong ties with suppliers, customers and transport companies.

Our work with the partners within the import chain is based on the following principles: long-term contacts, dependability, and a prompt exchange of information. We appreciate the existing business ties and are committed to building our relations on mutual trust.

Currently we are discussing a number of joint projects with our suppliers in order to broaden the range of joint activities.

optimum method of delivery
Following the 7R’s of logistics, Nevskaya Co ensures the optimum method of delivery for each type of product in the given time and situation.

There is no complicated management hierarchy at Nevskaya Co, when each decision has to be approved of at many levels, that is why all decisions are taken in a timely manner. This efficient structure and the managers’ expertise make it possible to efficiently react to the ever-changing circumstances of the transport sector and of the Russian customs, as well as to seasonal fluctuations in supplies.

guaranteed quality of imported produce
As a socially responsible business, Nevskaya set a al of complying with all Russian and European quality standards and specifications.

The quality of fruit and vegetables is the primary focus in netiating contracts with growers and exporters. Our supply partners are always able to give a detailed account of the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.

Every consignment of fresh produce is checked by Nevskaya’s experts to ensure that all Russian and international quality standards are met.

wide product range
Our product range includes virtually all kinds of fruit and vegetables that are offered today on the world market of fresh produce.

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