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1994 Nevskaya Co was founded in St. Petersburg in 1994. The main focus of the company at the time was small-size wholesale and retail trade in fruit and vegetables locally.

1995 The company starts wholesale distribution to other regions of Russia beyond St. Petersburg.

1996 Large regional wholesale dealers become the main clients of Nevskaya Co. From 1996 to 2000 purchases are made from Russia’s leading importers of fresh produce.

1998 The first modernization of the warehouse is carried out. All chambers of the warehouse are equipped with refrigerating plants, which allows to essentially improve the quality of storing.

2000 The company achieves a firm position among the organizations operating in the fruit and vegetable market of Russia.

2001 The Imports/Logistics Department is formed. The company concludes the first contracts with European suppliers of fresh produce. The first consignments from Argentina arrive.

2002 The storage facility is upgraded: it is equipped with banana-ripening chambers and additional refrigerating plants. Office premises are built.

2003 The company begins importing from South Africa.
The sales structure is reformed; experienced professionals join the Imports and Sales departments. These changes lead to a significant increase in sales.

2004 The first shipments from China and Egypt are made. A new department is formed to work with retail chains.

2005 The company achieves the leading position among Russian companies in the import of fruit from South Africa. The annual turnover reaches 66,300 tons.

2006 The distribution network expands and is improved considerably. The Sales Department is reinforced by new employees. The company’s annual turnover reaches 77,700 tons.

2007 Important changes are made in the purchasing system, including establishing direct contacts with the leading producers of Chili and South Africa. The produce of Chili is packed in boxes bearing Nevskaya's identity. The company’s annual turnover reaches 85,700 tons.

2008 Nevskaya Co takes part in important international industry exhibitions – WorldFood in Moscow and Fruit Logistica in Berlin. The Retail Clients Department is formed. Agreements on fruit and vegetable supplies are signed with retail networks. The company’s annual turnover reaches 97,700 tons.
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